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Twin Cities Bible Church

Pre 1914 – Present

Pre 1914

Young people of Burr Street Baptist Church started a Sunday School on Payne Avenue near the north limits of the city.

Payne Avenue Branch Sunday School Number One
8.28.1914 – 7.13.1919

August 28, 1914

First Swedish Baptist Church (later Payne Avenue Baptist) took over the work after the Burr Street Church disbanded. A hall was rented on Payne near Nevada Street for $8/month. This hall was later occupied by Westerlund Meat Market and Joseph’s Market.

September 12, 1914

First official Sunday School class. 22 children attended. By the end of 1914, there were 112 members enrolled in the Sunday School.


A building and lot on Edgerton Street were purchased. The building was a community hall used for recreation and some dances. Two lots were purchased on Payne Avenue at the corner of Como-Phalen Avenue (now Arlington Avenue). Total cost of the lot, building, and remodeling was about $5600. The building was moved to its current location.

Wheelock Parkway Chapel
7.13.1919 –  5.18.1943

July 13, 1919

The chapel was dedicated. As of this time, the work became known as Wheelock Parkway Chapel. The Chapel ministries included Sunday School, 2 services, young people’s meetings, Wednesday night prayer meeting, social once a month, ladies aid once a month, and many committees.


Community canvassed twice. The pastor and neighbors around the chapel helped prevent the building of a dance hall in the area. The interior of the chapel was decorated


First record of a Daily Vacation Bible School. About 50 children enrolled.


Periodic controversies arose about whether the Chapel should be an independent work or remain under control of the Swedish Baptist Church. As a result, membership and attendance fluctuated. In 1929, all organizations at the Chapel (young people’s group, Ladies Aid, etc.) were disbanded except the Sunday School.


New seats installed in auditorium.


Community visitation begins again in 1938. Prayer meetings grow from few to many in attendance. Cottage prayer meetings begun. Church became known as a “leaf turning church” because people always turned to whatever passage of Scripture was being read or quoted to see for themselves what it said. A new front (which included a new classroom) was constructed on the chapel. In 1940, the evening service, which had been absent since 1925, was reinstituted. A Bible Conference was held at the Chapel in 1941.

Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church
5.18.1943 – 10.16.1974

May 22, 1943

Wheelock Parkway Chapel organized to become Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church.


Chapel helped establish the Forest Lake Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Church.

May 1945

A lot for a parsonage purchased at 752 East Nebraska.


Pastor Nelson finally gets Baptist General Conference to begin God’s Invasion Army. This “Army” consisted of young people who would dedicate one year of full-time service in the Lord’s work.


First group of God’s Invasion Army held their first campaign. Name of church officially changed from Wheelock Parkway Chapel to Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church.

Late 1940′s to 1950

Some doctrinal controversy. By June of 1950, 15 members had left the church because of the controversy. This group, along with a few families from Bethany Baptist Church later formed the nucleus of the Calvary Bible Church near the old Seven Corners in St. Paul.


Interior of the church auditorium painted and the symbol “Jesus the Light of the World” placed as a motto on the wall behind the pulpit. Other improvements made to the building to make it a more attractive place to worship.


People began praying for a new bus (the church had owned 2 different used vehicles since 1943). In the spring of 1952, a woman in New York died and left about $3300 for the church. This money, combined with money from the Bus Fund and trading in the old bus, enabled them to purchase a new one.


New basement addition built.


Mystery years (due to insufficient written information).

Twin Cities Bible Church
10.16.1974 – Present

October 16, 1974

The church property of Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church is given by the church to the IFCA and the name was changed to Twin Cities Bible Church. Along with the property, Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church gave $2500 to help this new IFCA work get established. This marked the official “end” of the local body of believers known as Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church. Some stayed at TCBC, but most went to other Baptist churches.

July 1976

Twin Cities Bible Church becomes independent. The Lonettis, the Saetes, and Pat Howell examined for membership.

October 6, 1976

TCBC officially welcomed into the IFCA.

June 1979

Lonetti’s commissioned to represent TCBC in Indonesia (re-commissioned in 1984).

January 1988 – May 1990

Project Ezra. This involved remodeling the main basement area and the nursery and included additional electrical capacity. Many hours of work were put in by people in the church and much money was given to this important project. One of our deacons went to Costa Rica to help build a church. We have had baptisms at Lake Phalen (as well as in the baptistry), a video ministry, a Family Conference, Missions Festivals, and hosting IFCA Regional meetings. We have sent some of our men to the Shepherd’s Conference at Grace Community Church in California. In 1989 we experienced our own “baby boom” with the birth of 6 babies.

June 1990 to Present

The Lord graciously preserved our congregation as we found a new pastor after the departure of Pat Howell. We have seen many new people come into our fellowship in the last few years. We have experimented with various Wednesday evening formats to replace AWANA–studying the parables, Proverbs, and topical issues. We currently alternate prayer with a study of theology using video taped lectures by John Gerstner. In recent years we have had men attend the Bunyan Conference in Pennsylvania and have had couples attend training for Family Ministries. We are currently engaged in a large project involving the remodeling of the sanctuary (Project Nehemiah). We have recently seen a revival of community outreach within the church in the form of evangelistic visitation. Our current ministries include the worship service, Sunday School, Wednesday evening prayer and study, parenting classes, Family Ministries, Mens’ Breakfast, Youth Group, Ladies’ Prayer Fellowship, New Members Class, Fundamentals of the Faith, food shelf, Dinner for 6, and Elders and Deacons. We have also had Friday Night Marathons, Sunday evening film series, Fall retreats, church picnics, New Testament survey class, and miscellaneous work days. In 1995, we withdrew from the IFCA.

Wheelock Parkway Chapel Pastors

July 1919 to June 1920 Victor Larson
June 1920 to June 1922 William Turnwall
June 1922 to June 1923 Arthur W. Erickson
June 1923 to October 1924 C. Henry Carlson
October 1924 to June 1925 Roger Wickstrand
July 1925 to June 1926 Herbert L. Peterson
June 1926 to January 1927 J. O. Cederburg
January 1927 to October 1927 Oscar Westerlund
October 1927 to April 1931 O. F. Felth
April 1931 to July 1933 Lowell Anderson
August 1933 to October 1934 Aleck T. Olson
October 1934 to June 1937 Egon Johnson-Hadley
June 1937 to May 1943 Edward O. Nelson

Wheelock Parkway Baptist Church Pastors

May 1943 to March 1948 Edward O. Nelson
October 1947 to May 1948 Robert Hails (Interim Pastor)
June 1948 to August 1948 Paul Edwards (Interim Pastor)
September 1948 to October 1955 Harvey R. Hill
October 1955 to ? Albert Johnson
sometime in between unknown
? to October 1974 Robert Grover

Twin Cities Bible Church Pastors

October 1974 – Early 1975 Steering committee
Early 1975 – August 1978 Larry Brogan
August 1978 – February 1980 Loren Pugsley, Steve Lonetti, and Pat Howell all served during this time
February 1980 – July 1983 Paul Bartlett
July 1983 – August 1990 Patrick Howell
about 4-6 weeks during the late summer of 1990 the Elder board
September 1990 – present H. Lloyd Johnson*
*(though called in September, Lloyd was unable to join us full time until November, due to the impending birth of his and Ronna’ s first child).